Graphic design has brought us some of the world’s most famous images, fonts, and logos. Take the well-known, cursive script of the Coca-Cola logo, for instance. It’s so well-recognized that you could put any text in that red and white script and no matter what it actually reads, people will still think of Coca-Cola.

You might not realize the history behind the logos of some of your favorite brands. There’s a lot more going on in a graphic designer’s mind besides simply making an image look good. From hidden messages to lost stories, there’s often a lot more than meets the eye when you look at art designed by a graphic designer. Here are some fun facts we think you’ll enjoy!

1. Two Cs Just Looked Good

 Most products are named first, with the ideas for a logo and advertising coming later. Not so with Coca-Cola! When John S. Pemberton first created the fizzy cola, his business partner, Frank M. Robinson, thought that having two C’s in the name would look good in ads. Hence the name “Coca-Cola!” They decided on Spencerian script for the logo…and the rest, as they say, is history!

2. The History of the Nike Swoosh

All designers of famous logos don’t strike it filthy rich. Almost everyone is familiar with the Nike swoosh. When Nike founders Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight needed a cool logo that would convey motion, they turned to then-college student Carolyn Davidson. A freelance graphic designer, she took on the gig for only $35. While she didn’t make a ton of money off of the design, having that in her portfolio helped her go on to become a successful and well-known graphic designer.

3. The Birth of the Internet

Design has to start somewhere…and sometimes it starts out very, very simply. Have you ever wondered what the very first website was? If you want to see it, click here. (We will warn you…it’s quite underwhelming.) After you finish browsing there, you’ll likely emerge with a greater appreciation for the colorful, well-designed, media-rich websites that we use and enjoy today.

4. They Literally Sell Everything

Sometimes a successful design can say a lot with very few words. Take the logo for, for instance. Most people notice the smile-like arrow that swoops underneath the “amazon” part of the logo. Of course, an Amazon delivery puts a smile on the face of its customers. However, look closely and you’ll notice that the arrow actually points from the “a” to the “z” in the word. If you’ve ever shopped Amazon, you know that you can find everything from a to z on their diverse retail site. Their logo designers knew this, too…and communicated it to you without saying a word.  

5. Look Around You!

The final fun fact about graphic design is that…it’s everywhere. Look around you. The Sony logo on your television set? Graphic design. The apple logo on your laptop? It was designed by a graphic artist. The logo on the bag of chips you’re eating? The artwork on the business card you’re referring to as you call to set up that job interview? Pretty much everything you see and interact with was created in some part by a graphic designer. As you go about your day—and your life—pay attention to the graphic design messages, both conscious and subconscious, that surround you. They have more of an impact on us than you think!